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Software Solutions Development With the Most recent Technologies

Today, every business faces the challenge of performing Digital Transformation. Whether you aim to use AR to simplify a part of your value chain, or create an IoT ecosystem with Smart Contracts, our engineers know all key tech stacks needed to help you on this way. Since 2007, idadStudio has been levering emerging technologies to help our clients with impactful, enterprise-wide software solutions.

Software Development Platforms, Technologies & Languages

With over fourteen years on the IT market, our experts are bringing you wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for a reliable software development solution that works across the board.

idadStudio's Quality Processing Formula

Agile Development

There are many agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, Lean, TDD of which have their own strong suits. Each project is unique at idadStudio Software and we select the best development methodology for processing. Our team members and clients work together throughout the development process.

State of the art architecture

We believe in writing clean, maintainable and testable codes, hence we employ MVP and MVVM architectural patterns to build all kinds of software applications.

Time tested technologies

We adhere to industry best practices for application security to keep businesses and their clients safe from possible threats. We only use libraries and frameworks that are credible and proved to be tested overtime.

Proven design principals

We stick to proven software development principals: KISS, YAGNI, SOLID and DRY. With these principals we build solid and reliable projects for our clients and significantly reduce the cost of changes.

Consistent code reviews

We routinely conduct code reviews to ensure the quality of products we deliver.

Iterative testing

As our regular software development practice, we conduct iterative testing in early software lifecycle to ensure bug free software delivery.

Ongoing integration

We use integration tools, mostly Jenkins and Gitlab CI for automatic builds assembly after new has been merged into production. This practice allows us to spot and fix possible issues early and with much less efforts.

The most qualified, skillful and professional staff